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Newslit continuously tracks over 100,000 online sources and bundles it into an easy-to-digest reading experience.


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Type in the keywords related to the topic you want to monitor, we target those keywords and create your easy to digest News brief



Refine your search by adding words to make your search more specific. We monitor over 100,000+ reliable sources daily  to provide the most relevant content for you



Get the news wherever you need them, you can see it real-time on your dashboard or use our integration tools to share your  content

What you get when signing up with Newslit

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Get daily personalized news-briefings via email with the latest news about your targeted topic


See the news real-time in your dashboard and discover great content


Connect your news-brief with your Slack channels to share with your team


Connect with over 2000+ apps using Zapier to automate your Newslit briefs directly to any app you already use


Connect Newslit with Hootsuite
to share your newsbrief within your social media accounts and power your content curation strategy


We know you’re busy

After a quick setup, you’ll be able to receive daily emails packed with content to hone in on your industry, competitors and brands for accurate market research.

Cut the noise

Newslit makes sure you only get the stories that matter to you. We spot signals hidden to 90% of the world by tracking well over 100,000 news sources and integrating social signals from thousands of top business influencers.

Stay Ahead

It’s easy to miss important stories. With Newslit, you can get daily briefs via e-mail or Slack to ensure you never miss a thing. You can also connect with over 2,000 applications via Zapier to create workflows and keep track of everything.

Sit back and relax

Newslit is working 24/7 so you can rest at ease. Newslit displays important stories in an easy to digest way, so you can take it in at one glance. Filter to increase relevancy and customize the view to your needs. Did we mention? once is set up, is 100% automated.

What people are saying

"Precision topics with enough variety built-in to discover more."
Newslit does an excellent job of creating "micro-worlds" around the topics I choose. Everything is selected to meet the criteria of relevancy. Still, there are also topics included that fall slightly out of the area I was concentrating on, providing a built-in opportunity for discovery.
John Slater - Managing Director - Focus Investment Banking

Andrew Ostry

Strategic Marketing Manager at Basement Lakes
“Our M&A practice covers rapidly changing sectors such as Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and Robotics. We subscribe to multiple databases to keep us up to speed on the industries we cover. Newslit is unique in that it intelligently curates information from a wealth of specialized news sources globally to which we would never have access without its assistance”
John Slater - Managing Director - Focus Investment Banking

John Slater

Managing Director at Focus Investment Banking
"Curated content is an important part of our digital media strategy, as is being up to date on the latest news for our sectors and interests, and having the customized daily reports from Newslit enables me to always have relevant articles for our audiences. I especially like the integration with Slack which provides a snapshot of the day's reports and have made this part of my daily routine."
John Slater - Managing Director - Focus Investment Banking

Jules Smith

Content Producer at Colin D Ellis Pty Ltd

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